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OFFICIAL SURF CHARTS: 25th October 2020

The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart (new releases)

1. The Heat - The Evanstones *** number 1 single since 26th July *** 13 weeks at number 1

2. Malaguena - The Young Barons

3. Grabbed by the Ghoulies - Underwater Bosses

4. Tiki Torture - The Bali Lamas

5. Night Of The Golden Sun - The Spiratones

6. Diabolical - futureVolt

7. Billy The Squid's Water Pistol - The Neptunas

8. Tanglefoot - North Melbourne Surf Club

9. Left Coast - Atomicos

10. Grave Dance - Beware of Blast



The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums

1. 1961 - The Evanstones

2. Dance Party a' Go Go - Mark Malibu and the Wasagas

3. High Times / Low Tides - Bali Lamas

4. Mermaid a Go Go - The Neptunas

5. Road Trip - King of Hawaii

6. Surf Britannia 2 - Various Artists 

7. The Baleful Sounds of Black Valley Moon - Black Valley Moon

8. Sharks in my Blood - Kattequila

9. El Camino - Rev Hank (Urban Surf Kings)

10. Beyond The Black Reverb - Genki Genki Panic


The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands

1. King Ghidora

2. Danger Death Ray

3. The Terrorsurfs

4. The Eyeberries

5. Chewbacca's

6. Brand New Luddites ###illegal code entry semper fry ###

7. The Green Reflectors

8. The Volcanics

9. The Aquaholics 

10. Hattori Hanzo Surf Experience


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