Genre Surf
Years active 1993
Tags surf punk


Surf-Punk aus Castrop-Rauxel


2003 was a fateful year for the band. After nearly a decade of music the last two founding members Ossi and Markus were given a choice: quit or get the band by new people alive? Of the members of the original line-up Andre (bass) had taken early on a different path. As Holger (drums) are professionally developed and reluctantly moved towards the east, it came in handy that after a six-month dry spell Tom pretended the rhythm.  And how come so when changes take its course, did the same and a second guitarist for the band called Alex.  All agreed not to let the project die Bodhisattva.

The concept of fit and because the mix of punk rock, fun and surfing (we Surfcore baptized) true of all, Bodhisattva 2003 Tobi was resurrected on bass. But professional and health reasons, moved the court on bass steadily. It was not foreseeable to plan concerts or to finally bring even a CD with the influences of the new band members on the way.  Finally, in the spring of 2006, Stefan came as a bass man to Bodhisattva. The Mysterious Affair at Styles found, has now worked diligently to concerts, CD and new songs.

Concerts were successfully rocked by the Bodhis been to several ball rooms as the "Live Station" in Dortmund, the "matrix" in Bochum or the "Zeche Carl" in Essen. To be beschränkt not only on the Ruhr, Bodhisattva played in 2006, some concerts in Cologne and in the Sauerland. But a highlight was the long-awaited CD entitled "NEW worn shoes" in the fall of 2006.  The current disc "Surf's Up" is currently to only partly published, including audible on jamendo and myspace. The full release will not have to wait long in coming ... 

The Bodhis want to thank all the former members, without whom we would not be at the point where we are today: Thanks to Holger (founding and Drums), Andre (bass), Chistian (Vocs), Menno (bass), Lasse (Drums ), Tobi (bass), Nadine (bass) and Mark (vocals). T

hanks also to the entire Bodhi-Family for your support.

Band interests

Surfing, Drinking Beer ; )

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