The Delstars

Genre Surf
City Iowa
Country USA
Years active 2011
Tags garage surf hot rod rock delstars iowa


The Delstars are a high energy Surf/Garage band. It's the sound of a big cube, open header V8 shaking the pavement 'till your Chuck Taylors self destruct. It's the power of a 20 foot wave crashing around you, snapping your board like a plastic martini sword and making you scream "uncle!"

Band members

Here are all of the dudes that have been in The Delstars: Lonnie Urich: Surf Guitar & Vocals
Tim Adelman: Bass 
Matt Wellendorf: Guitar
Tom Halverson: Drums
Troy Urich: Drums
Bill Neff (aka TANTOR!): Drums
Andrew Bennick: Guitar
Eric Svenson: Bass
Tom Meehan: Bass
Mike Sangster: Guitar
Joe Page: Drums (also the most interesting dude in The Delstars) R.I.P.

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