Expressway Sketches

Genre Surf
City Koln
Country Germany
Years active Since 2010


Four successful jazz musicians take on 60s Surf music. Three of them formed a trio called Expressway Sketches, and all of them have made big splashes with their respective own bands – touring the world, racking up prestigious awards, earning rave reviews. Did we miss out on something here? Well - yes!, because pure Surf has been sticking with them for quite some time already. 

At a 2010 festival date in Vienna, the trio met a soulmate in bassist Lukas Kranzelbinder, the author of the world's premiere Surf opera, "Muchogusto“. Over the following years, the four musicians did a couple of tours giving classic Surf hits their very own treatment. Writing Surf originals was the logical next step. All said and done, the band quickly composed original Surf songs (using Expressway Sketches' proven concept of allowing only 10 minutes of composition time per song), recorded them in a studio in Berlin and refined them with sublime spring reverb. Now, finally, here is their first album solely devoted to original songs in the Surf idiom – aptly titled "Love Surf Music". 

In its time, Surf music was all about modernity, with a beat as dynamic as tomorrow's crashing waves“ and plenty of room for improvisation in the songs. 

The Expressway Sketches now breathtakingly combine this tradition with their very own fresh, forward-minded views on jazz and improvisation. Does it really make a difference whether you're improvising on a jazz standard or a Surf song? 

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