Released October 2019
Format CD
Added on Monday, 30 December 2019
Genre Surf
Price 13.00 $
Length 0:00
Number of discs 1
Edition date October 2019
Country Russia
Label Sharawaji Records
Catalog Number SRW114
Edition details Jacket CD
Tags sharawaji records the eyeberries horrorsurf moscow russia


released October 20, 2019

Valery Kovalev — guitars, bass
Nikita Radchenkov — drums
Sergey ‘Chief’ Savelyev — organ, thereminvox (3, 12)
Maxim Makhonin — bassoon (7)
Vovka Kozhekin — harp (8)
All mixed by Sergey ‘Chief’ Savelyev.

Music by Valery Kovalev except following tracks:
7 — Michel Magne,
12 — Angelo Badalamenti, Frank Churchill,

Art by Carolina Salas.

Special thanks to
Ksenia Litvinskaya, Kotyash (Kisyash), Kirill Usachev, Anna Aleksandrovna, Alexander Panov, Vladimir Valovoy and Loud Lemon guitar store.

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