Mark Malibu and the Wasagas

Genre Surf
City Toronto
Country Canada
Years active Since 1979
Tags canada


We are Canada's original Surf Punk Instrumentalists. We existed from 1979- 1982. We played with many new-wave and punk bands confusing audiences everywhere. It was not easy playing surf instrumental music when all the clubs wanted Black Sabbath, Black Flag or .... any other band wearing black clothes with a vocalist. We did manage to align with some other young post-punk bands around town and play the usual Toronto dives. We also managed to record 7 original songs. Not bad for teenagers still trying to figure out high school.

WASAGA RUN: Was the first song I wrote for the band and the reason it came into being. I was 15 years old and already bored with the limitations of punk. Wasaga comes from the name sake “Wasaga Beach” in Ontario Canada, at the time over run with rowdy bikers and white trash.

PSYCHEDELIC SUMMER: I bought a baby blue Acetone Organ at the local pawn shop. I couldnʼt play the organ but I wrote this song and recorded it. The song appeared in the Film entitled “Frat Fright aka Happy Hell Night” with Darren McGavin and a young Sam Rockwell and Frank John Hughes.

We reunited in 2014 for several shows with all original members. Thatʼs 32 years later! The Future promises to be an interesting for us Wasagas with lots of new music. Surfs Up again !

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