Genre Surf
Country USA
Years active 2014
Website http://v2instrumental.com


V2 is a modern four piece instrumental rock group launched in 2014 by Bob Spalding and LeonTaylor, members of the iconic instrumental surf rock band, The Ventures. Their desire is to renew the “Art of the Instrumental” by performing the timeless hits of 60s artists like Link Ray, Duane Eddy, The Champs, The Fireballs, The Tornados, The Pyramids, The Sarfaris, The Shadows, The Fireballs, The Ventures and more. Along with that they will be writing and performing new compositions to keep the instrumental music flames burning. Bob and Leon bring over 50 years of rocking to V2 and are adding renewed energy to this genre with Ian Robert Spalding and LukeGriffin, who have worked in contemporary rock & electronic bands and on soundtrack composition.

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