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Need help finding a video of a Mexican Performance Artist

3 months 3 weeks ago #335 by Todd Smith
I was searching youtube for different variations of these words: Mexican, surf, death, mariachi, and other various terms to find cool Mexican surf music. Well I ran across a video and now I can't find it. Please don't suggest history because both google chrome and youtube history is gone.
So here's the description: I will call this guy a Mexican Performance Artist because he wasn't that musical but his look and sound together were awsome.
He only performed in a traditional native style underwear cloth wrap. He had a monk style hair cut, or just a bald spot on top of his head.
His music consisted of a fast 3 count beat and other sounds mixed in and he would yell or make noise into a microphone and then delay and reverb it .
The performance was on a stage that had a couple of girls that were like from and Mexican variety show hosts. They were not part of the show but would look at the camera like wtf? Anyway he had strait black thick hair in a monk style hair cut in just his underrwear playing some mexican techno/electronic music.

Anybody know who I'm talking about??? Any help would be great. For some reason, this will not get out of my head.

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