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    Genre Surf Rock
    City Banding City
    Country Indonesia
    Years active 2015
    Tags indonesia asia beertubes


    Ionk on Guitar, Joe on Bass and Rully on Drum
    Actually Beertubes was made on April 2015 in BANDUNG CITY-INDONESIA, basically it was and idea from Rully who has own band before which play psychedelic reverb rock band, then he met Joe who has Grunge band, after first meeting both of us have common things to play surf music, Rully with his band is a guitarist and Joe is a bassist, but Rully decide to play drum on Beertubes so we were looking a guitarist who have same passion to play surf music so we met Ionk, he is a guitarist of Rockabilly band. then Rully infecting them about surf music well, so we declarated to made surf rock band Called Beertubes. Rully has live on different city with the others members, he live in Bali City and Jakarta City, so he once in a month travel to Bandung for hanging out with Beertubes and travel for wherever/whenever has gigs with Beertubes
    We don't have any record album yet, still on process but so far we have 4 songs now. we have play to release an album this year, during the process it we keep promote every our singles, our 4 songs are available on Reverbnation, Soundcloud or Bandcamp. you may streaming or download about it.
    our music are influenced by surf band from around the world, especially such as Dick Dale (The Legend), The Ghastly Ones, The Suf Coasters, The Southern Beach Terror.
    we would making some small tour in here, probably will start next year after we release our first album and launching it. it's really hard to introduce surf music in here, but this time there are several surf band in Indonesia even not too published in general, some kind band are not too exist.
    our upcoming gigs on August 23rd, in Garut City-West Java, Indonesia (will update). would be great if you could develop surf scene in Asia and you put us on part of it. the last but not least you may browse and listen our music in link below:
    Facebook: Beertubes13
    Twitter     : @beertubes13
    Reverbnation: Beertubes
    Soundcloud: Beertubes


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