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Zomboid Surf Attack
Released October 2016
Price 7.00 $
Edition date October 2016
Label Sharawaji Records
Tags UK powersurf horrorsurf Birmingham


After 2 albums on California's Wild Records, the Terrorsaurs imploded and El Guapo (the Terrorsaurs' guitar sound) and T.T.Shaker (the drum monster) mutated into "THE TERRORSURFS".

"Savage guitar driven surf twang-o-rama.....a sonic guttural force with hi energy garage grooves."

1st 7" "Surf Bomb"/"Loco Dinosaurio", is out now on KILLJOY RECORDS.

New album "ZOMBOID SURF ATTACK" coming out in late 2016 on Sharawaji Records. The twang has never been so fierce, powersurf with killer riffs, forged with primeval DNA. SCHLOCK & ROLL!

Zomboid Surf Attack

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