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Last week's most viewed surf bands -

Loads of changes on the artist chart this week. Here's the countdown... roaring into fifth place is Iowa-based surf/garage band The Delstars making their first top five appearance. Spanish rock n roll surf instrumental super-trio De Surfures jumped to number 4 on the artist chart. The Alder Kings continue their supernatural surf by possessing the number 3 position. UK swamp-rock favourite The Terrorsaurs take the number 2 position and the number 1 position goes to.... The Gamma Lords.

1. The Gamma Lords,

2. The Terrorsaurs

3.  The Alder Kings,

4. De Surfures

5. The Delstars

Last week's most viewed surf albums

On the album chart this week, Mister Creeper by The Alder Kings and Endless Summer by the Slotcars are tied neck and neck in 5th place. Australian reform-school escapees The Reprobettes self-titled debut album retain 4th place. Holding at Number 3 on the album chart goes to Boston Beans by Marshall and the Martins. Number 2 is once again the incredibly surfy, Le Roxy Pro - more vocal surf from the Boston-based project of the Wandas frontman. And number one place goes to... for the second week running... Who Goes There by The Alder Kings! 

1. The Alder Kings - Who Goes There {showalbum 120}

2. Le Roxy Pro - Le Roxy Pro {showalbum 112}

3. Marshall and the Martins - Boston Beans {showalbum 105}

4. The Reprobettes - The Reprobettes {showalbum 107}

5. The Alder Kings - Mr Creeper {showalbum 121}

5. The Slotcars - Endless Summer {showalbum 98}

All tracks are currently in rotation on  The charts are user-generated depending on a special algorithm which tracks the interest in each artist. If you would like to have your band place on the chart, or even make the top five, you need to send us music to feature on the station.