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The most popular surf bands, week ending 4th January 2015

We hope you had a good one.  For the first time in 2015 here are the most prestigious Official Five Most Popular Surf Bands for week ending 4th January 2015.

Los Implacables are at number 5. The Reprobettes are at number 4. Los Atascados at number 3, followed by The Terrorsaurs at number 2.  And the  number one most viewed band.. The Five Outsiders.

1. The Five Outsiders

2. The Terrorsaurs

3. Los Atascados

4. The Reprobettes

5. Los Implacables


This week's most viewed surf albums

And here is the album chart this week. 

1. Phantom Operators {showalbum 173}

2. The Telestons {showalbum 148}

3. Endless Summer {showalbum 98}

4. Music On The Bones {showalbum 170}

5. Boston Beans {showalbum 105}


Now go check out these artists pages and buy their albums, they are excellent additions to your surf music collections.  Links should be on all of their pages. 

All bands are currently in rotation on  If you would like to have your band featured on the station, or if popular enough place on the charts send us your music in mp3 format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..