Succulent Thing


EaSt CoAsT Reggae surf punk 


Couple kids trying to get something going in Covington Ky which was failing besides the endless search for a drummer and all night house parties and jams usually shut down by the cops at some point. They decided to move half way across the country to Florida. They found a drummer by linking up through a piece of notebook paper on a music board at a local music store. Next came playing at house partys then local bars. They started meeting people and bands then working up to larger venues. Succulent Thing has recorded a music video for the "surf song" and finally got in the studio and have released the debut album "Killing It". Steady playing with a go with the moment feeling and party style atmosphere, the shows are fun and unscripted.


Playing out of sunny Orlando Florida, an east coast original three piece band with punk,surf and reggae influences and music that sometimes has an eerie feel creating an unique and original sound.

Band interests

Giving soul back to music

Artists we also like

Blind melon, Sublime, social distortion, the queers, and many many more..

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