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The Zillatones

Genre Surf
City Mui Wo
Country Hong Kong
Years active 2012


The 'Zillatones bring you 1950s B-Movie Surf Rock from Planet Lantau.  In 2004 a freak experiment to create the galaxy's biggest reverb tank caused an inter-dimensional portal to appear in the depths of the South China Sea, The 'Zillatones emerged and quickly acquired a vast selection of Fender gear from a nearby cargo vessel. Their only means of returning to their home planet was to create a reverb field by getting everyone on Planet Earth listening to surf music!!

In 2013, after mating with Earth-women The 'Zillatones were able to adopt human form and resided in Hong Kong disguised as part-time English teachers. A chance meeting with representatives from Sharawaji Records led to the production of an entire album.  Today these shape-shifting reverb-addicted prehistoric space lizards retain a taste for twang, obscure tunings and a penchant for girls in bikinis.

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