Our debut episode features an interview from North Carolina's Arrows out as well as music from groups that have performed previously at the Southern Surf Stomp.


  • The Monterreys "Machete!"
  • The Surge! "Paddle or Die",
  • The Mutations "Surfer's Dream",
  • Daikaiju "Flight of Garuda",
  • Kill, Baby...Kill! "Trioxin Twist",
  • The Mystery Men? "The Devil You Know",
  • Arrows Out "Yes, Maybe",
  • Arrows Out "Tessellate",
  • MOONBASE "Smoke",
  • El Fossil "Hair Pin",
  • Gemini 13 "Chopped and Channeled",
  • The High Fidelics "Lil' Curfew Breaker",
  • The Zaratans "Wavos Maximos".


Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.