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From 1st August 2021 we are establishing as just one radio station (albeit the most important one) on a network of internet radio stations dedicated to surf. is a network for the surf music community.  DripFeed as a social network (or let's be honest - a place to promote your stuff) will replace Facebook which has become cluttered and unusable.

This has many advantages for radio stations:

  • Easy and centralised music submission
  • Sharing of statistics across stations
  • Wider dissemination of the official surf charts
  • Truly interactive relationship between bands, stations and listeners
  • Steam ads shared across the stations in the network
  • Less data entry required by station operator
  • Shared centralised music library
  • Automation

The many advantages to listeners include

  • Easy access to preferred flavour of surf music
  • Playlists are updated faster with new tracks
  • Ability to look up and buy their favourite music
  • Ability to request tracks
  • Ability to interact with bands and fans without annoying irrelevant ads
  • Ability to record "shout outs" to their friends

DripFeed allows bands to easily send music for rotation across the network in just a few clicks, which means our DJs get tracks into rotation almost immediately.  

Other advantages for bands include

  • Easy and centralised music submission
  • Registration in the Surf Music Registry
  • Radio play across many stations
  • Ability to manage their DripFeed band profile
  • Ability to create stream ads to advertise their new release
  • Ability to generate revenue by running ads against their DripFeed profile
  • Easily managed social network profile (free of Facebook bloat)
  • Automation - to market releases effectively, one post can be set to autopost to Facebook groups and pages etc (no more repetitive bombing)


You can register a profile on DripFeed by importing a profile from Facebook, twitter, or vk, or just register with name, photo and email.  The only data we collect at this time is your name, photo and email.  In the future bands will have the ability to import all existing Facebook page, instagram page to a DripFeed profile.

These are the initial stations on the network:

  • Surf Rock Radio - wide interpretation of surf
  • Surf Music Radio - trad surf, no vocals
  • Monstromental - horror surf, spooky stories, monster movies, horror related content
  • DripFeed - QVC for Surf 

We will also be hosting other stations on the DripFeed platform.

From now on the Official Surf Charts will be posted from and cross posted to the other stations automatically.

You can sign up with email, twitter or other social network profiles here -

DripFeed has taken years to develop.  If you enjoy listening to our station and discovering new music please consider making a donation to help offset some of our operating costs.