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Whoa, what an exciting week on the Surf Rock Charts. Those space-faring reverb addicted atomic space lizards The Zillatones are the longest running band on the Surf Rock Charts, still maintaining a place in the top 5. The supremely slick Australian surf band Marshall and the Martins dropped to 4th place, narrowly behind the Alder Kings. Go buy their album! Horror-surf supremos The Alder Kings benefitted from their updated profile and discography so shot into 3rd place. We know they are working on a new album so we expect to hear a lot more from these supernatural masked beings soon. Australian surf legends Slingshot Dragster continue to celebrate their 10th year anniversary but just slipped to second place. And finally taking the top spot, the number one band on the Surf Rock Charts - the mysterious Gamma Lords, even though we don't know much about them. All we know is that they are currently in Ireland and about to release some new tracks.  

1. The Gamma Lords,

2. Slingshot Dragster,

3. The Alder Kings,

4. Marshall and the Martins,

5. The Zillatones

Last week's most viewed surf albums

Similarly brilliant album chart this week, with lots of great albums which should be in your collection. Still massive interest in the live recording of Man Or Astro-man at the Doug Fir Lounge (this is freely available on Australian reform-school escapees The Reprobettes self-titled debut album slams into 4th place. Yep we are playing music with singing! And this is an incredible vocal performance that actually adds to the surf-vibe. Think Kate Pearson from early B-52s. Number 3 on the album chart goes to Boston beans by Marshall and the Martins. Possibly the funkiest surf album I have ever heard. Number 2 is the incredibly surfy, Le Roxy Pro - more vocal surf from the Boston-based project of the Wandas frontman. And number one place goes to... The Alder Kings! Must include this on your Halloween party playlists.

1. The Alder Kings - Who Goes There {showalbum 120}

2. Le Roxy Pro - Le Roxy Pro

3. Marshall and the Martins - Boston Beans

4. The Reprobettes - The Reprobettes

5. Man or Astro-man? - Live at the Doug Fir Lounge

All tracks are currently in rotation on  The charts are user-generated depending on a special algorithm which tracks the interest in each artist. If you would like to have your band place on the chart, or even make the top five, you need to send us music to feature on the station.