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Official Surf Charts

Surf Rock Radio is proud to be a reporting station contributing to The Official Surf Charts.  

All bands are currently in rotation on, the world's number 1 surf music station.

If you would like to have your band featured on the station, or if popular enough place on the charts send us your music as a bandcamp code, or in 128kbps mp3 format with correct metadata via  If you send mp3s without metadata we will not be able to process your request.

We will then set up a band profile on the website which you can share links to in order to promote your music and increase your chart rankings. Every like, share, interaction and request increases your chart ranking.


In 2021 the way in which the #officialsurfcharts are prepared and tabulated will change.  This is because Surf Rock Radio will be just one (but a major one) of many stations that will contribute data to the official surf charts. From May 2021 chart position will be based on a calculation of (1) airplay and (2) listener interaction (eg likes, shares and click through to sales pages) on band profiles.

Band profiles will be centrally held in a database which can be shared across several websites.  We will announce more details of this soon.

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  1. Official_Surf_Charts-18 The Official Surf Charts

    Every week, the Official Surf Charts are syndicated to reporting stations from - the network for surf music.  
    This is the #officialsurfcharts for week ending 15th May 2022


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    The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart (new releases) 

    1. Beach Moles - Underwater Bosses
    2. Roller Fink - The Surfrajettes
    3. Sistema Baile Activado (En Vivo IPN) - Perro Agradecido Cumbia
    4. First Warning - The ChuGuysters
    5. Crystal Pistol - The Breakers
    6. Priority One - Zvezda
    7. Mysterious Mr Flynn - Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
    8. Dawn Patrol - The Convention Killers
    9. The Secret Surf - The MES
    10. The Great Tuna Tumour - The Terrorsurfs

    The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart is based on requests of newly released tracks.  Visit your favourite surf station /requests and search and request your favourites.  Requests are typically played within 10 minutes.  

    The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums

    1. Sea Sea Rider - Various Artists
    2. Roller Fink - The Surfrajettes
    3. The Night Divides The Ride - Underwater Bosses
    4. Strange Shores - The Breakers 
    5. The Flawless Ms Drake-  Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited
    6. Time Slips Away - The Desolate Coast
    7. Cosmos - Zvezda
    8. They Like To Watch Everything You Do - The MES
    9. Shakedown and more hipshakin' bronco beats - The Surfbeat Club
    10. Return Of The Space Mariachis - Stories from Shamehill

    The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums is based on requests and listener interaction with album profiles.

    The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands

    1. The Leonites
    2. Surf Zombies
    3. The Young Barons
    4. The Jagaloons
    5. Sys Malakian
    6. The Surfbeat Club
    7. The Evanstones
    8. Chewbacca's
    9. Los Daytonas
    10. King Ghidora

    The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands is based on requests and listener interaction with band profiles.

    The Top 10 Most Active Surf Bands

    1. Jason Janik
    2. Genki Genki Panic
    3. Strici iz ozadja (SiO)
    4. Atomic Drag 
    5. Golems of the Red Planet
    6. Death Wave
    7. The Surf Hermits
    8. Del Sotos
    9. The Desolate Coast 
    10. The Zipheads

    The Top 10 Most Active Surf Bands is based on activity on a DripFeed Page.

    The Official Top 10 Most Viewed Videos

    1. Magnatech - (Marie's the name of) His latest flame
    2. The Surf Hermits - Drag Racing the Atom Cats
    3. Drop In Drop Down - Pitted
    4. The Desolate Coast: "The Punk Stole My Raffle Ticket" Music Video
    5. The Jagaloons - Deadeye
    6. Magnatech *Outtakes* 1. Song For Roky
    7. Genki Genki Panic Mosrite Brigade official music video (ft. Merldog)
    8. The Lightyears Between Us by The Desolate Coast
    9. The Zipheads- Octavius
    10. The Breakers - Wisconcentration

    The Official Top 10 Most Viewed Videos is based on complete views of a video uploaded to a DripFeed Page (not a member profile).


    Get in rotation on the DripFeed network of stations

    DripFeed allows bands to easily send music for rotation across the network in just a few clicks, which means our DJs get tracks into rotation almost immediately.  You can register/log in with email, twitter or other social network profiles (don't worry about privacy, we just take your email, name and profile photo) here -  Bands can submit a bandcamp code or upload/drag and drop music via DripBox.  All music must have artist name, album name and track name metadata encoded in mp3 format.  

    If your music is suitable and has correct metadata we will enter it into the Surf Music Registry which enables it for position on the Official Surf Charts.  Plays on spotify or airplay on non-reporting stations do not count towards chart position. 

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