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Last week's most viewed surf bands -

Twannngggg!!!! These are the most viewed surf bands on Surf Rock Radio last week.  Here's the countdown... slipping one point into 5th place is De Surfures. The Bali'Haians enter the artist chart at number 4. The Alder Kings still in the number 3 position. UK swamp-rock favourite The Terrorsaurs remain in number 2 position and the number 1 position goes to.... The Catamounts!

1. The Catamounts

2. The Terrorsaurs

3. The Alder Kings

4. Bali'Haians

5. De Surfers

Last week's most viewed surf albums

On the album chart this week, crypt kicking' horror surf punk Who Goes There by The Alder Kings. The incredibly beautiful, incredibly "surfy" (maybe that should be a genre in itself) debut album, Le Roxy Pro by Boston-based Le Roxy Pro is at 4th place.  Killing It by Succulent Thing debuts at number 3 - loads of interest in this band.

Climbing to Number 2 on the album chart goes to Boston Beans by Australia-based surf band Marshall and the Martins. . And number one place goes to... The Catamounts - Here's The Catamounts! 

1. The Catamounts - Here's The Catamounts {showalbum 122}

2. Marshall and the Martins - Boston Beans {showalbum 105}

3. Succulent Thing - Killing It {showalbum 123}

4. Le Roxy Pro - Le Roxy Pro {showalbum 112}

5. The Alder Kings - Who Goes There {showalbum 120}

All tracks are currently in rotation on  The charts are user-generated depending on a special algorithm which tracks the interest in each artist. If you would like to have your band place on the chart, or even make the top five, you need to send us music to feature on the station.