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Southern Surf Stompcast

Southern Surf Stomp! is a monthly surf show (and blog/podcast) based in Atlanta dedicated to promoting the best local and regional acts the South has to offer.  You can subscribe to the Southern Surf Stompcast in iTunes here -

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Thursday 7am-8am EST

Friday 6.45/7pm-8pm EST


Thursday 7pm HKT

Friday 7am HKT 


Episode 5 features an interview with Artie Mondello of The Delusionaires, recorded on location at Mondello Manor.


  • The Surge! - "Escape From Siesta Key"
  • The Man From RavCon - "Spellbound"
  • Gold Dust Lounge - "Super E"
  • The Tempos - "Heartbeat"
  • The Reekers - "Don't Call Me Flyface"
  • The Carnations - "Scorpion"
  • The Delusionaires - "The Scrump"
  • The Delusionaires - "In Heaven"
  • The Sir Finks - "Weird Beard"
  • The Slackmates - "Rocket Racer"
  • Bobby Fuller Four - "King Of The Wheels"
  • Bobby Fuller Four - "The Lonely Dragster"
  • The Diamondheads - "The Hottie"
  • Steelism - "The Landlocked Surfer"
  • Shark Quest - "Sin The Moon"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Our fourth episode features a couple of sets to get you into the holiday spirit, including a couple of live acoustic tunes from December's Southern Surf Stomp headliner, Chad Shivers and the Silent Knights. 

Track listing: 

  • Cutback - "The Liquidator", 
  • Cutback - "Atlantico",
  • The Aqualads - "Snake Eyes",
  • El Capitan and the Band With No Name - "Across the Plateau",
  • The Explorers Club - "Forever",
  • The Fat Man and Team Fat - "Get Back On The Road",
  • Chad Shivers and the Silent Knights - "Christmas Day" (The Beach Boys),
  • Chad Shivers and the Silent Knights - "Sleigh Ride" (The Ventures),
  • Caroline and the Ramblers - "Mr. Teardrop",
  • Los Straitjackets - "Here Comes Santa Claus",
  • The Space Cossacks - "Christmas Island",
  • The Boss Jaguars! - "O Come, O Come Emmanuel",
  • The Royal Pendletons - "Hot Rod Dissertation",
  • Sex Wax - "A Little Something For Us Temponauts (live)",
  • Gravitron - "Stylophone",
  • The Beech Benders - "Rock 'n' Tug",
  • King Pelican - "Morocco",
  • Booker T & The MG's - "Lets Go".

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Southern Surf Stompcast features the best surf, instro, and beyond that the South has to offer.  Our third episode features not one, but two interviews with Ohio's The Ampfibians and Ivan Pongracic of the Madeira and the Space Cossacks. 


  • Crazy Aces - "Temple of Cool",
  • The Del-Vipers - "Tecate Run",
  • Kill, Baby...Kill! - "Commandments",
  • Link Wray - "Hotel Loneliness",
  • Family Dollar Pharaohs - "Oasis",
  • Killer Filler - "The Bailiff",
  • The AmpFibians - "Theme from the AmpFibian",
  • The AmpFibians - "Under my Thumb",
  • St. John and the Cardinals - "The Rise",
  • The Penetrators - "Redlined",
  • Impala - "Rope of Sand",
  • The Space Cossacks - "The Apes of Wrath",
  • The Madeira - "The Saracen",
  • Jeffrey Bützer and the Bicycle Eaters - "Dissimilar to Locusts",
  • The Mariners - "Hell Hole",
  • The Broken Spokes - "Overture: Wanted Man". 

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators.

Our second episode features an interview with Gary Evans of the Intoxicators, and highlights surf music from Florida.


  • The Strychnines - "Gutbomb" 
  • The Delusionaires - "Snakebite" 
  • Blue Stingrays - "Green Sea" 
  • Bongo King - "Salsa Safari" 
  • The Gutter Queens - "22 Miles" 
  • Haole Kats - "Chasing the Dragon" 
  • The Intoxicators - "Phantom Mustang" 
  • The Intoxicators - "Indira" 
  • The Hodaddys - "A/A Feuler" 
  • Legend of the Seagullmen - "The Deep-Sea Diver" 
  • Cutback - "Conan the Surferian" 
  • Tidal Wave - "Tidal Wave" 
  • Shoot the Pier - "The Witches (of the Rock)" 
  • The NovaRays - "The Dare" 
  • Gold Dust Lounge - "Humble Hill"

Intro and outro music, "Southern Surf Syndicate Theme", provided by The Penetrators .