Mark Malibu Radio Show #001 Set list


Surfin a Go-Go Theme


Calhoun Surf - the Raybeats

El Tremblador. - Les Agamemnonz

Getaway Car - The Fathoms


Surfin’ Rebel - Dick Dale

Kyoto Doll - Ventures … written by Gerry Magee

K-40 - the Challengers


Blackball Stomp - Blackball Bandits

Night Rider - the Gnarly Ones

Space Dragon - The Seatopians

Beatnik Bandit - the Blue Demons


Atlantis - The Esquires

Jett Black - The Esquires

Wonderful Land - The Esquires

Man From Adano - The Esquires


Alien Eyes - Surf Zombies

Frank and the Sharks - Surf Zombies

Deep Eddy - Surf Zombies


Tune Up - Green Reflectors

Coke Can Crab - Green Reflectors

Rip Rap - Green Reflectors


At the Skyine Drive-In - The Barbwires

Hot Rod Rockabilly Race - The EyeBerries 


Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

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