Mark Malibu Radio Show #3 Setlist


Surfin a Go-Go Theme


Surfing and Spying - the Surf Coasters

Hot Foot - the Boss Martians

Misiόn Tango Surf  - Didi Wray


It’s the Mountain Dew Talking - Atomic Mosquitos

Half Astroid - Atomic Mosquitos

Banzai Fallout - Atomic Mosquitos


Side Swiped - the Torquettes

Woo Hoo - Rock-a-teens

Tabou - the Jokers from Belgium


Hot Pastrami - the Echo Men

Elephant Rage - the Echo Men

Reina - the Echo Men

Twist Her - the Echo Men


The Picador - The Excelsiors

The Vanadis - The Excelsiors

Lunatic Express - The Excelsiors


Knife Bumps - The Jagaloons

Squad Car - The Jagaloons

Sour Times - The Jagaloons


Heavy Surfer - Los Tiki Phantoms

DiPinto Twist  - Los Straitjackets

Kaha Huna - Los Twang! Marvels 


Closing Tag - End of the Summer - Wasagas

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