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No more mister nice guy, it’s time for the Big Derboski to go Hollywood! Now it’s time for a new world order… It’s time for the Surfphony of Derstruction…

It feels good to get paid for what I do when I do oh so well! For you finks who aren’t familiar with the SoD or The Big Derboski, what I do is bring Surf from around the Earth and I’m the best at what I do! That’s why I’m NUMBER ONE and the rest of yas… well, yer just scraping the bottom of the barrel! We’re takin’ over and there’s nothing that you dumbos can do about it! Can ya dig it? I don’t really care if you do or not so just sit down, SHUT UP… and listen to the Surfphony of Derstruction SOULED OUT! It’s best thing you’ll hear all week HELL all month with amount of excitement you finks get by just planting yer keisters on the chesterfield! GEEZE
Hollywood is a sunny place for shady people and that’s just the way The Big Derboski likes it! I’m just being all sleazy and greazy out here in Beverly Hills and I fit in juuuuuust right, dig? Because I am the best, I gotta make sure that I bring the best with me! It ain’t hard to do when yer me though and I did a bang-up job of getting some real sleazy surf and planting right there in yer ears. You finks better be thankful for the quality of tunes I got for ya this time around!

The Chantays – Move It
The Lively Ones – Livin’
Al Casey – Doin’ It
Billy Boyd – Night Rock
Hollywood Persuaders – Forget It
Joe Dodo & The Groovers – Groovy!
Wade Cagle – Groovy Train
The Jesters – Peter Gunn Twist
Jim Waller & The Deltas – Soul Beat Pt II
The Journeymen – Surfers Rule
The Vestels – Long Ride
The Guitar Ramblers – Surf Beat
Tommy & The Hustlers – Diggin ‘ Out
The Revels – Comanche
The Sharks – Big Surf
The Reverberators – Low Down
The Scarlets – Stampede
The Thunderbirds – Delilah Jones

Look at all that great surf! Bad sax, slow and sleazy surf, a lil bit of the fast and loud too, a nice mix to please everyone! Oh, you want more surf? GET OUTTA HERE I already got paid and my services are no longer needed so I’m takin’ off! Catch an older episode of The Surfphony of Derstruction 2000 if yer fiendin’ for a little more surf! I hear that the other “Derk Brigante” got himself into quite an atomic pickle what a goof!


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