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is high so it’s time to hang ten with the Big Surf! WOOOOOOO! Here ya go, finks, Episode 9 to start your fall off right! Don’t hit the ground too hard HA HA HA!

Ya wanna know what I played? OK

Les Talismans – L’interplanetaire
Marlow Stewart & The Illusions – Earthquake!!
The Sinders – Sinner
The Chantays – Beyond
The Goldtones – Gutterball
The Roadrunners – Quasimoto
The Fleshtones – Theme From The Vindicators
The Reverb Syndicate – Shake Don’t Stir
The Sadies – The 3-B
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Egypt Texas
Les Charlots – Cougar G-T
Kenny & The Fiends – Moon Shot
The Weaseltones – Ashes To Ashes
The Metalunas – Lost on The Moon
Al Casey – Baja
Link Wray – Hotel Loneliness
The What Four – Gemini 4

OK so if you look at the song I highlighted, The Weaseltones’ Ashes to Ashes, that is because it is a really cool song. I also wanna talk about it a bit. SO a bunch of surf bands recorded covers of David Bowie tunes and made an album out of it. It’s a REALLY good album and I know a lot of people that aren’t much into surf but are into Bowie really dig this album. There’s all sorts of different surf styles in there from a sorta-western Rebel, Rebel to some high-octane surfin like The Gospel According to Tony Day. If yer askin’ yerself where to get a hold of this album, come find a link right here! The album is only a couple of coins but it’s totally worth it! It gets the Big Derboski Seal of Approval!


Another cool track that I highlighted was The Sadies’ The 3-B. The Sadies performed the music for the “Big Daddy” Ed Roth documentary, Tales of The Rat Fink.

YO I will be taking a break next month from The Surfphony. I need a little R and R ya dig? DON’T WORRY though, there will be an episode for ya next month on  October 18… I got someone to fill in for me. Big shoes to fill but I will go to bat for him and ensure you that the episode won’t… suck. OK, so I’m horrible at the vampire jokes but I know the ol’ Count will have more than a few puns up his cape… ok, i’ll stop now WOOOOOOO!


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