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ALRIGHT TIME TO CUT THE CAPS 'cause I got some talking to do about the Great Lakes Surf Battle and I'm sure it's a pain in the butt to read more than a few sentences in uppercase! Comin' up on the first weekend of June, the 10th annual Great Lakes Surf Battle is coming ashore in Toronto once again! 

June 5th and 6th at the Cadillac Lounge down in Parkdale and June 7 at the The Casbah in Hamilton! CLICK HERE TO RSVP FOR TORONTO ... AND CLICK HERE TO RSVP FOR HAMILTON! Click both if yer so inclined! 
It's gonna be one helluva battle, lemme tell ya. We got a few re-uniting bands, King Beez and The Robots comin' together once again. The Reverb Syndicate and The Men In Grey Suits along with The Huaraches from up north heading downtown to take on local favorites, Luau or DieThe Blue Demons, and The Gnarly Ones! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It's gonna be one helluva show for the 10th iteration of the Great Lakes Surf Battle! YA BETTER THERE!