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Dear loyal listeners,

Just a quick apology to visitors to the website.  We are doing some website upgrades which will allow bands to have their own profile and links to their discography, along with reviews and even fan reviews.  We think this is an important addition to the site, but it does involve a lot of data entry and sometimes the system auto generates incorrect entries.  We are slowly working through this and correcting the relevant feeds.  Please stay with us, it shouldn't affect the main audio stream.

Also a warm welcome to The Reprobettes, The Five Outsiders, Alien Blood Transfusion, El Patapsco and The Dead Rocks who are included in the main playlist.

Some of you have been asking about whether we have hosted shows.  The answer is yes, they are on their way.  We will probably time these so that they don't clash with the hosted shows on NorthSeaSurfRadio (that's the other surf station) because we know some of you guys like to catch those shows too.

During the next few weeks, when we have sorted out all of the technical stuff with the website we will begin to diversify the playlists so that the two stations will be more distinct.  We will be including a bit more surf-inspired alt-rock, and perhaps a bit of raggae-rock, cali-reggae etc.  We are still debating whether to include the Jack Johnson / Tom Curren style acoustic rock in our rotation - our main aim is to promote surf bands and help them sell records.  If a wider, more diversified playlist helps bring additional exposure to those bands then it could be a good idea.  Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Mike    \ooo/