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You have probably noticed some changes to the website recently.  If you haven't noticed already...

We now have a user-powered chart system! We have custom designed this from the ground up so that surf bands can increase their visibility on both, and the internet as a whole.  If you want your band to be discoverable by surf music fans, the best place to get your music aired is on our platform.

How does the surf rock chart system work?

This is how the chart system works:

There are several different charts displayed on the website.  The most prominent being "Most viewed artists", and "Most viewed albums".  When users visit your profile or check out your discography you get points, which further increases your visibility.  We have installed a system to ensure that only one unique visit each day is counted (so you can't click your own links to boost your points).  

The chart runs Monday to Sunday, and charts displayed are for the present week.  We think this is a fair system so all bands have an equal chance of ranking highly.

Can people buy music on the website? Do sales count towards the score?

On each artist's profile there is a "BUY" button which links to your iTunes or band camp page, however we don't actually handle any transactions on this site ourselves.  The chart score is based on listener interest in your profile page and discography rather than sales.  However we do hope that page views will also lead to sales of your music.

How can I score more points to rank higher in the chart?

There are several ways

1) ensure that your profile is complete and we have some text about your band's bio and also links to your social media sites.

2) send us content, i.e. music, interviews and photos so we can have a feature about your band.  This will be of high interest to surf music fans, so will inevitably lead to more "points".

3) Let your fans know that your band is featured on using twitter and Facebook etc.  The more interactions with your pages, then the higher you will rank on the chart.

What is the play button on my album page? Why doesn't it work?

Good question.  We have disabled the play function on these pages, so that listeners focus on the music in the radio stream.  However if enough bands want us to enable it then we will.

Why is my album art missing? Why is my profile not complete?

Apologies to anyone affected. We are slowly working through all of the bands, albums and tracks and adding bio and social media links.  It's a looooong slooow job which I am doing mostly myself but I actually love it because I get to learn a lot more about these awesome bands.  

So please understand that this is all a work in progress but we are getting there. 

Mike            \ooo/