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We have had a massive response from bands and surf music fans who are enjoying the chart feature of our website.

Until this time we have only credited band profile views and album views to the the band's chart position. But from 12th February onwards we are going to include a singles chart.  The most popular songs will also be included in the weekly chart update.

In order to activate this feature we have needed to update a massive number of files on the website, and also ensure that the site is powerful enough to stream individual songs to THOUSANDS of listeners worldwide.  Today together with our technology partner GECKONET, and SHARAWAJI RECORDS has achieved that goal.  

It is now possible for individual listeners to play individual songs.  A complete listen is required for a song to +1 listen.

Please note that you will also have to pause the stream while the song is played.

Good luck surf bands and we hope your listeners enjoy the new website feature.