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I can't believe that it's been more than a year since we first started laying the foundations for surfrockradio.

During that time we have had a vast number of tech errors, and difficulties in how to distinguish from the excellent  North Sea Surf Radio appeared a couple of months after I started building this website, and I must admit that Niels Jansen (as a highly proficient and incredibly well-connected surf guitarist) did a much better job than we ever could.

We have somehow settled on Surf Rock Radio as a platform for promotion of surf bands, rather than an expertly curated selection of vintage and modern surf tunes. We have also decided to go with modern rather than vintage surf music for rotation as we want to help the new bands.  You will however find a lot of vintage surf on our youtube and Facebook pages.  We are still not sure about "music for surfers" as opposed to "surf music", and whether to include reggae rock that is currently in favour with the surf community.  

We also want to go commercial free, but have decided on sponsorship and affiliate income as a means of subsidising the site.  We are also planning a fund to share some advertising revenue with the band who have contributed tracks to our site.

Once again thank you to all the bands who have contributed so far.  We hope to recruit few DJs in the near future to help with programming.  For the time being music is on autoDJ, but that playlists will become increasingly diverse over time.

Peace, waves, plants \ooo/