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Surf Rock Radio Brings You Eight Terrabytes of Surf

Our security robots are currently performing extreme upgrades to the software which controls what you hear on SRR.  This will create a few noticeable differences to the station:

  1. Normalisation of volume for all tracks
  2. Deprecation of the music library play on demand feature
  3. Reinstatement of the requests feature during the "Robotic Request Hour"
  4. Elimination of stream ripping software

Those are indeed great benefits, but it actually allows us to do a lot more, eg add new music to the station more easily.  However during this time, the music in rotation will not be weighted properly so you might hear some tracks in rotation more than others, until our computers have indexed all music.  Regular hosted shows might be limited during this time.  

Other benefits for us are the ability to centralise uploads of new tracks and centrally manage the music database which powers the charts.  

There are other upgrades planned, and new shows in production that we are really excited to announce.  As always keep it tuned to Surf Rock Radio - the World's Number 1 Surf Music Station.