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    12th Annual Great Lakes Surf Battle

    For twelve years, the Great Lakes Surf Battle has, and continues to be, the standard of quality for Canadian Surf rock. It all kicks off on Friday June 2nd at the Shameful Tiki Room for an opening party and then heads to our traditional haunt, the Cadillac Lounge. Remember kids, if you don't see the Official GLSB logo, it's not authentic!

    Join us for the live broadcast on

    The Shameful Tiki Room Toronto
    Friday June 2nd 8pm- Hang Ten Hangmen and
    DJ Swankenstein

    Cadillac Lounge shows; DJ Derk
    Friday June 2nd
    8pm- Hang Ten Gallon Hats
    9pm- The Thing from Outer Space
    10pm- Cliff Divers
    11pm- Luau or Die
    12am-Mark Malibu & the Wasagas
    1am- King Beez

    Saturday June 3rd
    8pm- The Calrizians
    9pm- The Surfrajettes
    10pm- The Men In Gray Suits
    11pm- The Hang-Ten Hangmen
    12am- Champions of Justice
    1am- Ninth Wave


    Website updates April 2017

    We are working hard to expand the Surf Rock Radio music library and we are very pleased to say that from May 2017 we will have a 3 terrabyte library.  This is enough to store every surf tune ever released since 1961 in 320 kbps mp3 format.  However, in order to make the upgrade we will have to change the url of the stream itself.  This will probably not affect those of you who listen via the website or tunein, but it will affect those that use an external application like itunes or windows media player that are listening via a .pls or .m3u file.

    The new url will be for the 128kbps stream.

    We also have the capability to offer a higher resolution 192 kbps and AAC+ stream but we will ask listeners if this is something that they would like to use. if the response is positive we will go ahead and offer it.

    Website updates March 2017

    Well, it's been a long time coming but I finally got around to updating the template on the site to make it more useable on mobile devices.  The big change is that the players are slightly lower on  the page than previously.  This is to make room for a BLEEDING OBVIOUS pop-out stream player. 

    The background at the top of the page has changed too, but don't worry - the girls will be back at some point as downloadable wallpapers.

    We haven't finished the schedules yet but that is happening soon.

    Let me know what you think of the updates so far on the Suggestion Box part of the forum


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