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You have probably noticed some changes to the website recently.  If you haven't noticed already...

We now have a user-powered chart system! We have custom designed this from the ground up so that surf bands can increase their visibility on both surfrockradio.com, and the internet as a whole.  If you want your band to be discoverable by surf music fans, the best place to get your music aired is on our platform.

How does the surf rock chart system work?

This is how the chart system works:

There are several different charts displayed on the website.  The most prominent being "Most viewed artists", and "Most viewed albums".  When users visit your profile or check out your discography you get points, which further increases your visibility.  We have installed a system to ensure that only one unique visit each day is counted (so you can't click your own links to boost your points).  

The chart runs Monday to Sunday, and charts displayed are for the present week.  We think this is a fair system so all bands have an equal chance of ranking highly.

Can people buy music on the website? Do sales count towards the score?

On each artist's profile there is a "BUY" button which links to your iTunes or band camp page, however we don't actually handle any transactions on this site ourselves.  The chart score is based on listener interest in your profile page and discography rather than sales.  However we do hope that page views will also lead to sales of your music.

How can I score more points to rank higher in the chart?

There are several ways

1) ensure that your profile is complete and we have some text about your band's bio and also links to your social media sites.

2) send us content, i.e. music, interviews and photos so we can have a feature about your band.  This will be of high interest to surf music fans, so will inevitably lead to more "points".

3) Let your fans know that your band is featured on www.surfrockradio.com using twitter and Facebook etc.  The more interactions with your pages, then the higher you will rank on the chart.

What is the play button on my album page? Why doesn't it work?

Good question.  We have disabled the play function on these pages, so that listeners focus on the music in the radio stream.  However if enough bands want us to enable it then we will.

Why is my album art missing? Why is my profile not complete?

Apologies to anyone affected. We are slowly working through all of the bands, albums and tracks and adding bio and social media links.  It's a looooong slooow job which I am doing mostly myself but I actually love it because I get to learn a lot more about these awesome bands.  

So please understand that this is all a work in progress but we are getting there. 

Mike            \ooo/




Dear loyal listeners,

Just a quick apology to visitors to the website.  We are doing some website upgrades which will allow bands to have their own profile and links to their discography, along with reviews and even fan reviews.  We think this is an important addition to the site, but it does involve a lot of data entry and sometimes the system auto generates incorrect entries.  We are slowly working through this and correcting the relevant feeds.  Please stay with us, it shouldn't affect the main audio stream.

Also a warm welcome to The Reprobettes, The Five Outsiders, Alien Blood Transfusion, El Patapsco and The Dead Rocks who are included in the main playlist.

Some of you have been asking about whether we have hosted shows.  The answer is yes, they are on their way.  We will probably time these so that they don't clash with the hosted shows on NorthSeaSurfRadio (that's the other surf station) because we know some of you guys like to catch those shows too.

During the next few weeks, when we have sorted out all of the technical stuff with the website we will begin to diversify the playlists so that the two stations will be more distinct.  We will be including a bit more surf-inspired alt-rock, and perhaps a bit of raggae-rock, cali-reggae etc.  We are still debating whether to include the Jack Johnson / Tom Curren style acoustic rock in our rotation - our main aim is to promote surf bands and help them sell records.  If a wider, more diversified playlist helps bring additional exposure to those bands then it could be a good idea.  Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

Mike    \ooo/

Congratulations on making your latest recording, now it's time to be heard by the people who are likely to buy your recordings and attend your shows.  

Airplay on Surf Rock Radio puts your music shoulder to shoulder with other artists in the surf community.  In addition to the best contemporary "surf rock" like Monsters from Mars, Daikaiju, The 427s and Martin Cilia, we will be playing surf-inspired mainstream rock music, and at sundown play a few beach classics from Jack Johnson and Donavon Frankenreiter, and other bands that have been identified as "surf reggae" such as the Marleys, Slightly Stoopid, Steel Pulse, Dirty Heads and Rebelution.

No other station gives such a unique mix of cool music, and promotes such a dynamic healthy lifestyle. Statistics show that listeners click links and buy music that appears on Surf Rock Radio.  It's an incredible discovery platform built to promote your music.  

iStock_000013494357XSmall-300x199 STATION NEWS - SURFROCKRADIO.COM

Get airplay alongside the best new surf bands and bands popular within the surf community

Your band won't necessarily get paid for spins, but you won't be charged for airplay like Jango and some other services.  Surf Rock Radio operates based on a more symbiotic relationship between bands, labels, brands and listeners.  Your band will be promoted to the relevant people and we make it easy for music fans to purchase your music (if you don't have label representation you might consider contacting Sharawaji Records who can advise you on how to promote your music and protect your intellectual property, as well as take care of technology and computer/internet marketing stuff).  

Benefits of being featured on Surf Rock Radio :

  • Surf bands have high visibility visibility on Surf Rock Radio - the website is designed to highlight bands
  • Surf bands are marketed and promoted shoulder to shoulder with similar bands
  • Surf bands can expect high rotation - we spin new records more often than those of vintage surf bands
  • Surf bands can be discovered by listeners easily
  • Surf bands have the opportunity to contribute articles, interviews and news about their bands
  • Surf bands can make more sales through links to iTunes, cdbaby tunecore and other stores
  • Surf bands can benefit from reviews by our team of reviewers

How to send your music:

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with mp3s or links to your mp3s.  We prefer mp3s labelled in this format "Band Name - Track Name" and all the correct id tags.  You should also include your bio and links to your band on the internet.

Again if you don't know how to do this, we can help you. We operate this station because we like helping musicians achieve success. Our aim is to relentlessly help you promote your music to stoked listeners who dig it too.  

We would like to thank the surf bands who have contacted us recently to be included on surfrockradio.com.

Artist profiles and links should be active in the next few days.